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Kids also need time to relax

Video games, shopping centres, stressful activities and competitive sports are some of the things that make children living a life in a "crazy modern world", where they always need to be in a hurry to achieve things.

Sometimes kids also need time "just to be kids" ... to relax, walk in nature, to play with parents, to climb a tree, to breathe slowly and do less.

Many kids are suffering of anxiety, lack of self-esteem, obsessive compulsive disorder, lack of social skills, etc. What kind of teenagers will our children will grow up to be?

Yoga is a great tool to regulate children's emotions, but they also need time to be a child: to walk, jump, climb and roll. They have to know that it is ok to do less and have some extra time to themselves.

All children should know:

1) They don't have to compete with others all the time

2) It is alright to not be "the best" kid

3) It is good to have a day off from electronics and devices

4) We don't have to be around lots of people, one good friend is enough

4) It is great to find a quiet spot to sit and reflect sometimes

5) Trust yourself

6) It is good to do less and just be mindful

7) They have the power to close their eyes and let go of what doesn't make them feel good

Our kids need to feel loved, accepted and know that we parents will do anything to help them. Our children need time to regulate their feelings, to feel safe and mentally strong, they need tools to face life's challenges, and this is what we can offer them.

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