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Our Story


We’re a family on a mission to inspire children to be healthier, happier and more resilient

In 2008, she was a kid's school teacher with a passion for yoga and meditation, he was a tourist advisor that loves travelling and being around nature. Together,  with their two lovely boys, they spent a happy few years away from TV and minimum access to the internet, living in the most beautiful village in Brazil, exploring untouched caves, swimming in crystal clear rivers, showering in nurturing waterfalls and living life fully in nature.








In 2014, once the boys were ready to start school - "the adventure in Brazil was over" - so, they decided to come back to Australia.

Wow! It was a big change: from the little village in the rain forest of South America to the capital city of South Australia, so didn't take long for them to realise being a parent here wasn’t an easy task. Being in the "modern world" was more challenging where over-processed foods, technologies and electronic distractions were everywhere.

Mum, being a kids yoga teacher, realised that too many kids here were suffering from anxiety, anger issues, attention disorders and physical inactivity. So, together with dad, they had the idea to create the Small Yogis as tools to inspire kids to practice more yoga and meditation, helping parents, teachers and any other person to inspire their children to re-connect themselves with their inner-self, encouraging kids to be healthier and happier.

Yoga builds strength, confidence and resilience, a child with strong body is able to digest food well, breathe slowly and manage stress better.

The practice of yoga can help children to be more balanced, focused, and calm individuals. It improves self-esteem, concentration and body awareness. Children who practice yoga also can develop easily the ability to cultivate a peaceful state of body and mind, helping them to find a smooth way through life’s challenges.

Our goal is to help thousands of kids in need

More than inspiring kids. Our goal is to help thousands of kids to experience yoga in early ages.

Every item purchased will help providing yoga for free to children in need. Together with Better Movement Studio, we are opening a foundation where part of the Small Yogis sales profit will help bringing yoga for free to kids in public schools, community centres, hospitals and other associations in need.


Each Small Yogis is born with a mission: To be the tool that you need to inspire other kids to practise yoga.

We are sure you'll love them as much as we do, and hopefully soon you can start your own mission too: spreading love and yoga to every child around you!

Once you start your mission, we would love to hearing from you.

Hope soon we can share your story here in our blog.

With love xx

 “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi








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